Why we love Power BI

Why We Love Microsoft Power BI to Leverage their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Data

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Dynamics 365 gives businesses the opportunity to store financial and operational data from every aspect of their organization. While this is excellent, between the various arms of D365, there is not one place to do all of your reporting correlating all the systems at your disposal. This is why we love Microsoft PowerBI, your one stop shop when it comes to capturing the full view of your business.

What PowerBI offers is deceptively simple. Through out of the box functionality across the Dynamics 365 platform, PowerBI aggregates all of your data into one place and gives you the tools to generate dashboards, graphs and reports on top.

Getting the most of your Microsoft data

Not everyone should be in your critical systems in order to access your data. Giving key individuals the data they need to fulfill their function is important. Conversely, sending out everything you have is important to avoid as well. This is where PowerBI thrives, by giving report builders and decision makers quick access to the data that they need to fulfill their function, while maintaining the controls that put in place to maintain the integrity of the various databases. Whether it is further analysis or increased sharing of information; the more people in your organization who can review the data, the greater the opportunities to build out a more informed team.

It’s simple to use

This is at the core of our SmartStart approach. By keeping things simple, we generate a higher adoption rate of our systems. Some technical expertise is required to get data into PowerBI, but from that point our team will train your team to become your own superstars.

You can start small and add reports as you need

This is our mindset for everything at Bam Boom Cloud, and PowerBI is no different. You can start with prebuilt dashboards so that you aren’t starting from scratch and get used to working in PowerBI. Once you have a better understanding of what already exists out there, it makes it that much easier on what you want to build next.

There is something for everyone in the organization

Regardless if you are an owner, a manager or a team lead; there is something that you can get out of the system to analyze at different levels of granularity. For a business owner, it may be to see all aspects of the business at a high level, whereas a team lead may be looking at it from a less strategic and more operational level. This is what is so great about the product is once you have packaged the data from the modules you want, the world becomes your oyster on how you want to review it.

You can connect to any type of dataset

You may already have some data that you would like to cross with your financials. With Power BI we can review together if it makes sense to bring that information into the system, or just connecting it via reporting. This way, you can centralize all of your information in phases without needing to do custom integrations or changing all of your company’s processes day 1.

What are your next steps? Get in contact with us to learn more about how our pre-built dashboard pack can get you started on the path to an easier path to reviewing your data.

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