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Scary Systems, Spooky Spreadsheets, Dreadful Data, Woeful Workarounds

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We’ve been working with small businesses for over 25 years and in that time we have come across some truly spine-tinglingly terrible horror stories. Read on to find out how Bam Boom Cloud’s solutions can combat these technological troubles...

Rusty Reporting

A trial balance that doesn’t balance…a sales invoice created in Excel…poor invoice payment tracking…records kept in the bookkeeper’s head – we’ve seen it all!

Our consultants regularly work with finance teams using longwinded processes in Excel to create their monthly accounts. (For those who want all the gory details, this involves producing monthly management accounts by downloading a trial balance to Excel, manipulating the data, adding new rows where a G/L code has been created, deleting old data, and rolling forward for the current month 😱.)

It doesn’t have to be like this! Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Microsoft’s accounting system for small businesses) can help save your team’s time and sanity!


Manual Processes

We see a lot of companies still undertaking stocktakes by wandering around the warehouse with a clipboard and pen. Reliance on manual processes can result in some spooky alternate realities, such as negative inventories or stock errors caused by someone forgetting to update the inventory spreadsheet.

This is a great example of where Microsoft Power Apps can be used to automate manual tasks - improving data accuracy, team efficiency and allowing tasks to be done from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Paper Trails

We often come across Finance Directors who still approve BACS payment runs on paper. With live links to online banking and automated workflows in Business Central or Power Automate, there is no excuse for this! Not to mention the security and environmental implications of paper approvals.


Teams troubles

Now hybrid working is the norm, we all know and use Microsoft Teams daily. But too often we see our customers and prospects using only the most basic Teams features. Microsoft Teams has so much untapped potential when it comes to collaborative working. For example, Teams fully integrates with other Microsoft apps including Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing finance teams to work better and faster, together. Talk to our Business Central team to learn more about Teams integration in BC.

CRM by Spreadsheet

It’s super common for businesses to manage their customers and marketing campaigns in Excel when they start out (full disclosure…we did too 🤫). But as your business grows, these spreadsheets become unwieldy and unmanageable. The jump to a CRM system doesn’t have to be a big one. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is designed for small businesses and could be the CRM solution you’re searching for.

These are just some of the examples we see regularly but the bottom line is IT doesn’t have to be scary! We know it can be overwhelming to work through and understand the benefits of all the solutions out there, particularly for small businesses with no in-house IT team. Bam Boom Cloud specialize in making the very best Microsoft Cloud technology accessible to small businesses and we’d love to learn more about your business – get in touch and arrange a chat with one of our team and see how we can make your systems less spooky!