It’s [not] complicated! Why we don’t do complex implementations

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It's a common misconception that implementing a new finance system is complex, time consuming, disruptive and expensive. At Bam Boom Cloud we do things differently. We keep implementations small and simple, letting you expand and grow into your new system over time.

We're so confident in our method that we recently unveiled Launchpad - a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) subscription with a self-guided implementation process and extensive knowledge base that enables users to get up and running with BC at their own pace. Launchpad is our first monthly subscription for BC, making our offerings now even more affordable for small businesses. This blog explains why our simple approach works, and why finance system implementations don't need to be complicated.

A little bit of history

When Bam Boom Cloud first started doing Business Central implementations, or NAV as it was called back then, we did the on-premise, development-heavy stuff and our consultants drove up and down the country meeting clients face to face. No two projects were ever the same and discovery workshops and requirements documents were always needed.

However, as we built up our knowledge and experience, we started to question whether there was a better way to do things. Our first foray into developing a more repeatable model was the creation of a single NAV solution for palletized freight companies. But it turned out this was not quite as scalable as we'd hoped due to some industry quirks and limitations of NAV at the time. Back to the drawing board…

Undeterred, once Business Central came on the scene in 2018 to replace NAV we had another shot at standardising our methods - and this time it worked! NAV had gained a negative reputation for high expense and high complexity that was excluding small businesses from the party, so we decided it was time to change things up and make Business Central more accessible and affordable.

This led us on the path to where we are today - serving small businesses only, providing affordable, remote, repeatable implementations and constantly innovating the way we deliver and support Business Central.

Three ways to buy Business Central

We offer three different ways to buy Business Central. All are based on our standard Business Central offering but designed to suit different types of small business users. Ongoing system support from our experienced consultants is included in all three.

  1. Launchpad
    Launchpad is a Business Central subscription using our brand new self-guided, self-paced implementation. Our most affordable option, for users who like full control and are confident in what they want from their system from day one.
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  2. Kickstart
    For businesses that only require the BC basics but want more guidance and a supported implementation. Kickstart keeps it simple like Launchpad, but the implementation is led by one of our consultants, following a defined timeline. Kickstart is more expensive than Launchpad, reflecting the fact you get a dedicated consultant rather than going it alone, but the cost can be spread over time if required.
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  3. Business Central Packs
    For businesses that need a little more functionality from day one and require consultant support to implement. Our BC consultants will take you through our standard packs and recommend which ones are needed to get you started as part of a consultant-led implementation. Still fixed-price and fixed-scope, following the same method as Launchpad and Kickstart, but aimed towards the larger end of the small business scale!

Why our method works

  • Small is beautiful. We only serve small businesses. This is a hard and fast rule - and the reason our method works. With 100s of implementations under our belt we truly understand the specific challenges and requirements of small businesses and we have packaged up Business Central into standard packs that segment BC's core functionalities. This means our offerings are always fixed price and clients are not paying for functionality they don't need.
  • Simple is speedy. By standardising the implementation process and going fully remote, we have reduced the BC implementation timescale to weeks rather than months. Our method takes away complex decisions and makes the most of BC's out of the box functionality, which in our experience, is more than sufficient for the needs of most small businesses.
  • Grow with your system. Business Central is the perfect system to grow with your business. While we advocate starting simple, many of our clients go on to add extra functionality over time as their business grows, meaning BC can support your business for years to come. Our support teams and consultants are always on hand to help guide you in expanding your system.
  • We're not afraid to say no. If your business isn't the right fit for our methods, we're not afraid to say no. There are plenty of other partners who we recommend for bigger, complex, industry-specific or highly specialized implementations. We're not trying to compete - our mission is to serve the other end of the scale - the small businesses who don't need (and can't afford) the development-led approach.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in learning more about Business Central and our method, take a look at the resources page on our website or get it touch, we'd love to chat.